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Alne Wood Park Natural Burial Ground

As part of The Heart of England Forest, a beautiful, idyllic, woodland burial ground, Alne Wood Park has been created.

Set in the heart of Warwickshire, the park will have an extensive array of carefully chosen woodland burial plots, with non-intrusive amenities including an award winning reception building, creating a framework for a shelter in nature.

The boundaries of the building will be blurred to architecture, and the pillars covered with bare reflecting metal, will play with light and the surrounding vegetation.  The reception hall envelope to be made of glass will be almost inexistent.  The roof itself will consist of a honeycomb timber structure that floats unsupported above the ground.

Out in the country, the peaceful burial area is approached via a short drive. Mature hedges compliment the surrounding veteran oak trees and the attractive flower meadows produce a wildlife sanctuary as an added attraction.

Appointments may be made and further details obtained by contacting us on 01789 400203.


Alne Wood Park