A light coloured memorial stone laying in long grass.

Marking graves 

Marking a grave and leaving tributes can be an important part of grieving and remembrance. In order to maintain a natural environment for everyone using the site and minimise environmental impact, we offer standardised grave marking options and limit what can be left onsite.  

Within 1 month of a burial we will install a small wooden marker with the name of the person who has been buried etched into it, this is included in the interment fees.  

For a longer term memorialisation, there are two options which can be purchased:

Our wooden plaques are an eco-friendly option that will eventually rot away, this is made from a section of Heart of England Forest tree with laser engraved text. These are typically 10-14 inches (250-350mm) in diameter and approximately 2 inches (50mm) thick - although size and shape can vary.

A more permanent option is a circular stone plaque, these are made by local stonemasons from Forest of Dean sandstone, they are 12 inches (300mm) in diameter and 2 inches (50mm) thick.

For full burial these are typically laid 8-12 months after burial to allow the grave to settle. For ashes they can be ordered and placed immediately. The plaques are installed flush with the ground to maintain a natural look and allow grave sites to be mowed.  Other than these options, we do not allow any other grave marking at Alne Wood Park. 

Pricing and ordering information can be found on our Pricing and Reservations page.

Leaving tributes 

Regarding tributes, only natural cut flowers which have all their packaging and foam blocks (oasis) removed can be left on the grave. These can be tied with compostable material such as jute twine. To minimise environmental impact we suggest buying locally sourced, British grown flowers. Once the flowers have wilted, staff will remove them and they will be composted. 

We do not allow planting on the graves except for the grass and wildflower seed mix available from Alne Wood Park. This has been carefully blended to ensure it contains species that are native to the local area, that will encourage development of the wildflower environment and not adversely affect the surrounding woodland. Please enquire about this if you would like some to plant yourself, otherwise we will plant this mix on grave sites once settled. Any other planting on grave sites will be removed by staff.

To ensure a natural environment and provide safety to wildlife and staff, we do not allow any other items to be left on grave sites. There are no exceptions to this. Any items other than flowers found on graves will unfortunately have to be removed by site staff. Full details can be found in our Site Regulations.

Giving in memory

You may wish to offer friends and family the opportunity to give to the Heart of England Forest in memory of your loved one – as well as, or in lieu of flowers. Whether you chose to plant a tree in their name, create an online tribute page, or hold a memorial collection on the day, we’re here to help. Find out more