Feedback and complaints

At Alne Wood Park we strive to provide the best service and support we can. We value feedback both positive and negative. If you have praise, ideas, comments or suggestions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the James Booth the site manager, by email via our contact us page or directly by phone on 01789 400 203.

As part of our membership of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds we agree to provide those who have organised a burial at the site with a Feedback Form to complete. 

We understand that in some cases people may want to register a more formal issue and we view any complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future. The following explains how to provide feedback that requires a formal response.

What is a complaint and what is a comment?

When we receive comments, which include suggestions, or remarks of encouragement or concerns, whilst we will normally reply, the response is not part of a formal process. 

A complaint is a formal claim that Alne Wood Park Ltd has failed to meet an organisational commitment, a relevant code of practice, law or a regulation. We take complaints very seriously and treat them as an opportunity to learn and develop as an organisation.

Processing feedback

We listen carefully to the feedback you give us and will treat it with courtesy and respect, Alne Wood Park expects all feedback to be provided fairly and appropriately and we aim to provide a response within 12 working days.

Any feedback that we receive anonymously will be taken notice of and used as an opportunity to learn. We cannot however respond to anonymous feedback.

We may choose not to respond to feedback that:

  • Is abusive, prejudiced, offensive or harasses a member of staff or a volunteer;
  • Is repeatedly stated in a manner not conducive to resolution;
  • Concerns something that Alne Wood Park Ltd. has no direct connection to: we may choose to respond to clear our name but we are not obliged to; 
  • Is incoherent or illegible; 
  • Has clearly been sent to Alne Wood Park Ltd. and a number of other organisations as part of a bulk communication: in such cases we will choose whether or not it is necessary to reply; 
  • Unreasonably pursues a complaint that we have already responded to or pursues a line of enquiry to the point it becomes vexatious. If we choose not to reply again, we will inform you of this decision. 
How to contact us with a formal complaint

As identified, a complaint is a formal claim that Alne Wood Park Ltd has failed to meet an organisational commitment, a relevant code of practice, law or a regulation.

Since investigating a complaint makes use of our limited resources, we expect the person making the complaint to: 

  • Provide sufficient information for us to be able to understand the complaint, its cause,  and a potential resolution, being clear as to the substance of the complaint; 
  • Be willing to be contacted and engage in the complaints process if necessary; 
  • Understand that making a complaint triggers a more formal process than a comment. 

If you wish to make a complaint to the Alne Wood Park Ltd please contact us in writing in one of the following ways:

Website: Contact Us Page

When submitting by email, please include the phrase “Formal Complaint” in the subject line.

Alne Wood Park Ltd. 
c/o Colletts Farm Office
CV37 8AU

While we will normally respond to you via the same method you chose to use to contact us, we find that the best way to resolve a problem speedily is by email, so please ensure we receive a written account in your own words, containing:

The facts of your complaint:

  • Your name, home address, email address and phone number 
  • Your relationship with Alne Wood Park (own a pre-purchased plot, have a relative/friend buried onsite, visitor, neighbour, supplier, etc) 
  • If it refers to a specific place or area in Alne Wood Park then please include a marked up map/satellite image or a GPS/what3word reference to allow us to easily recognise the location/s referred to. ( is a free and simple way to identify a location with no address)
  • When contacting us, please feel free to let us know how you think the matter could be resolved: your ideas and suggestions are always very helpful to us. 
How we will handle your complaint

We will acknowledge and provide an initial response to your feedback within 12 working days of receiving it. Whilst we expect to be able to resolve most complaints within that timeframe, should we need to carry out a more in-depth investigation, we will aim to provide you with a full response within a further 30 working days. If we are unable to meet that deadline due to exceptional circumstances, we will of course let you know.

We will do all we can to address your concerns and resolve a problem or mistake. The complaint may require multiple members of the team to investigate and therefore the complaint information will be shared with the team member/s best placed in the organisation to provide a response.

We will keep a record of the complaint in order to: 

Monitor the progress of the complaint
Provide evidence that the complaint was considered, and the information about the outcome
Identify trends or recurring themes
Compile reports, including statistical data for our regulators. 

If you are not satisfied

We will always do our best to ensure that any person making a complaint is satisfied with the way we handle it. However, our decision is final. 

If you are unhappy with our decision and you feel that the complaint remains unresolved then the Association of Natural Burial Grounds, of which we are a member, operates an additional Complaint Procedure that you can follow with them.